Pratec is a company specialized in real estate commercialization, architecture projects elaboration, engineering, urbanization and building management. With differentiated working activity, Pratec has been acting in commercial and industrial projects development, and urban planning of large areas, in several regions of the Country.

With more than 30 years of experience, it has been a constant in the accomplished jobs by Pratec the technical planning of project that always provides the best and full intended area deployment, what assurances the excellence in the enterprise quality.

These working values of Pratec enhanced the national real estate market concepts, resulting in renown and awarded projects such as the ‘Alphaville Campinas’ lotissement, with referenced presence in the international real estate market scope. Other recent succeed referenced projects are: ‘Alphaville Lagoa dos Ingleses’ (Belo Horizonte), ‘Flat Comfort Suites’ (Campinas); and the lotissements: ‘Quinta da Baroneza’, in Bragança Paulista (SP) and ‘Fazenda da Grama’ in Itupeva (SP).

Another important Pratec working resource is the building management system (BMS). The possibility that the company has to elaborate and to manage the same enterprise, also during its execution, appends safety, promptness and economy to the building, what definitely is going to match up and guarantee the original project quality. As a management company Pratec through its ample team of highly qualified professionals, among engineers, architects and additional technicians, will indicate the most efficient and economic ways for the accurate building execution.

Aggregating tradition to experience, the Company ‘Pratec Projetos e Urbanismo’ was founded in 1979 and even nowadays has been directed by its partners-founders: the architect Adyr Moura Ferreira and the engineer Marcelo Vinholes Ferreira, besides the engineer Ricardo Vinholes Ferreira who brought new knowledge’s for the Company. Located in the city of Campinas/SP, ‘Pratec Projetos’ office is placed at Guapuruvu Street, nº 299 - Alphaville Campinas - SP. Phone +55 19 3113-7200.